Search a List of Group Objects (Assets)

Creates a search for a list of group objects (assets) for specific group IDs.

See Parameters and Authentication below.

Sample Requests

Search objects API:

    "field_filters": { //use this to search in a specific field within that group to get a response (noted below)
        "field_135": "example text"
    "search": "Some text" //use this to do a global search (noted below)

Let's provide an example for the Group List Field type of fields, searching for Group List Field/Entity List Field.

Let's say that Building is a parent group for the Room Building record:

field_1: Name - B1

Room record
field_2: Name - "101"
field_2: Building (Parent/child) - "B1"


Field filter:

  "field_filters": {
    "field_2": "B1"

Search through all fields:

  "search": "B1"

Search for specific object_id

 "ids": ["object_id_1", "object_id_2", "object_id_3"], //can be passed through as single or an array for search

Search based on time of last edit

  // you can input other search critera here as well from search all fields or search object_id
  "last_modified": {
        "gte": "2023-02-01T00:00:00.000Z",
        "lte": "2023-02-06T05:45:18+00:00"

Search archived records

You can send view_archived in the payload if you want to search among the archived records. This variable only accepts the following two values:

  • all: This will return both archived as well as normal records that matches the criteria.
  • archived: This will return only the list of archived records that matches the criteria.
  "view_archived": "archived"


NOTE: Both offset and limit can be changed. (See the information below.)

You can also change the default pagination of 50 with: v3/groups/group_id/objects/search?offset=101&limit=100.

limit is the number of objects to display per page. In the case from above, we have increased from 50 to 100 with the limit value as noted in the =100.

offset is the beginning of objects to return from, in effect, pages. In this case, we are on "page 2", with the offset is 101; if the offset would be increased to 200, you would get "page 3" of the results.


Path ParametersRequired/OptionalDescriptionType
group_idrequiredThe value for the group of the object you want to search.string


AuthorizationYour Bearer token.
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